Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maria Grazie Ciccolella Lancia

Daughters Anna, Eva and Rosalinda
 I love discovering new family information.  Thanks to cousin Bill Wallace, we have some more details on another side of the Ciccolella family.  Bill recently made a trip to Pettorano sul Gizio, Italy and relayed information on the family of Maria Grazie Ciccolella Lancia.  Maria was the sister of Giovanni (John) Ciccolella, Giuseppi (Joe), Andrea and Carmela Ciccolella Cocco.  Carmela was Bill Wallace's grandmother.

Anyway, Maria Grazie Ciccolella married Panfilo Lancia and they had nine children.  They had three girls - Eva, Maria and Rosalinda.  I believe the photo attached is a photo of her three girls.  The description on the back of the photo says "Anna, Eva and Rosalinda", so I guess Anna was also known as Maria.

Maria Grazie Ciccolella and husband Panfilo Lancia also had six sons: Andrea, Mario, Adamio, Panfilo, Cisedo and Giovanni.  Maria Grazie Ciccolella Lancia stayed in Italy unlike her brothers and sister. 

Rosalinda Lancia still lives in Pettorano sul Gizio.  Not much else is known about the rest of the family, although it seems that a few of family emigrated to Australia.

If you come across addition information, please pass it along.  Thanks again to Bill Wallace for providing the additional information.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Hot Chris

 I guess you have to be a part of the Ciccolella family to understand the term "Hot Chris".  Anyway, March 19 is the birthday of my grandmother Christina Lamonica Ciccolella.  Born March 19, 1909.  She is missed by many family members. So, here's to a great lady who raised seven children.