Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great Grand Mother Mary Iaquiele and Great-Great Antonetta Colabello Iaquiele

Pictured in this photograph are Mary Michele Iaquiele Lamonica to the right and her mother Antonetta Colabello Iaquiele.  The photo was taken in Forenza, Italy on March 13, 1931.  Iaquiele returned to Italy to visit her family several times.  By this time, Iaquiele was into her 50s with three grown children.  Both are dress in tradition dark dress of the times.  I do not have much information on my great-great grandmother.  I do know she was married to Biaggio Iaquiele and they had at least one child.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding Day

As most of you know I lost my mom this past summer and I think of her often.  I ran across this photo from her wedding day from November 14, 1959.  In the photo are Christina Lamonica Ciccolella, Mike Ciccolella, Maria "Gigi" Ciccolella Bennett and Sandy Ciccolella Burd.  Gigi was 18 at the time, her father had past away two years earlier.  She married my father Chuck Bennett Sr. and the couple had two children together.  Anyway, its great to find photos such as these from significant days in family history.  Maybe not so important to the rest of the world, but for our family this was a pretty good day.  God Bless marriages!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cemetery Find

When I traveled to Italy this past summer I made a friend in the city of Pettorano sul Gizio.  This is the city my grandfather John Ciccolella was born.  He had two brothers and a sister.  Recently, my friend sent me a photo from the local cemetery.  The photo is the head stone of Maria Ciccolella and her husband. 

Maria is the brother of John, Joseph and Andrew Ciccolella.  While John and Joe came to America, had families and are burried in Follansbee, West Virginia, Maria and Andrew stayed in Italy.

Up to now, I only knew that she married a Lanica.  Well, through the power of the internet, I received additional information.  Maria married Panfilo Lancia, and though it is tough to see, we also now have a photo of both.  We can also see that Panfilo was born on March 1, 1882.  The flowers in the photo block some of the rest of the information, however, this is a great find.  We can also find something about their daughter Gina Lanica.  Again, thanks to all who help make family history fun!!!