Friday, November 26, 2010

The Live Tour

Sandy, Mike, Pauline and Mary Ann...Where is John???

The "Live Tour" is a term that my sweet cousin Donna Albany Lombardi coined when I recently visited the family in Baltimore.  I say recently, it was back in June of 2010.  It has taken me this long to update my blog.  Anyway, the attached photo was taken at my mother's memorial in July of 2009.  At the time I said it was ashamed that is took so long to visit the family.  So, my first trip was to visit my aunt Pauline and her crew in Baltimore.  The idea is instead of waiting for the next funeral, we should visit while we are still alive and kicking - thus the "Alive Tour" was born.  While visit aunt Pauline, she was a valuable source of information on the family.  She went though nearly a hundred different photos and identified several family members.  I appreciate my family for putting up with my constant search for family photos and information.  I took some time off, but I am back on the hunt.  So, for the rest of the family, you might just get a phone call saving I am planning a visit.  Be ready to pull out the old family photos and scrap books.  Love and Kisses to all - I hope you have a great holiday season.

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