Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Growing Up Fast

The times they are a changing....Wow, the kids in the Ciccolella family are growing up fast.  The post card from Southern Miss recruiting features non other than my very own son - Charles Alden Bennett III or Alden to us.  Alden is the second from the left with the backpack over his shoulder.  Just like him to sneak his way into a photo shoot - just like his mother.  Anyway, Alden is in his third year at Southern Miss.  In addition our youngest, Joseph Brumfield Bennett, or Field to us, has passed his drivers test and now has a full license to operate a auto.  Wow, has time gone by fast.  I also understand that there is more family news to share; a few babies on the way and a marriage around the corner; and all this from what I call the third line in the family.  The first line are the kids of John and Christina Ciccolella, the second line is the grand children and the third would be the great grand children.

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