Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love pasta!!  Now I have a certain flair for the obvious.  Our family, the Ciccolella's, is loaded with a group of great cooks.  I fondly remember my grandmother Christina cooking large meals for her children and grandchildren.  It was always good and it was always a lot of food.  If you ask some of my favorite aunt's (Sandy, Mary Ann and Pauline), they will likely tell you that my mom was one of the best cooks in the family.  Mom passed away in June 2009, and her cooking has surely been missed.  However, it is time to continue the family tradition of cooking good Italian meals.  Over the past several years I have enjoyed my time in the kitchen.  I think I drive my wife and family crazy.  I spend more time researching tomatoes from Italy than I do watching football games.  Go figure.  It must be my mid-life crisis.  Back on track - I am posting some photos of a few of my dishes.  I had to run for the digital camera before I would let Field dive into the pasta.  In January I hosted my first Pasta Fest.  With 25 or so guest, we have a menu of Italian dishes including five or six main courses.  I think it went over well. 

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