Thursday, October 18, 2007

Italian Cities Data

Just another quick note. John Ciccolella was born in Pettorano sul Gizio. The city is located in the Abruzzo Region and the L'Aquila Province. The current population is 1,255. The Patron Saint of the city is Santa Margherita (you wonder was so many Margaret's are in the family).
Christina Lamonica was born in Forenza, the Basilicata Region and the Potenza Province. The city has a current population of 2,546. The Patron Saint is San Carlo Borromeo.
Both of these cities are in Southern Italy. You can go to Google or Map Quest and get a great look at where our families grew up and raised their children. I am in the process of getting more information about these cities so I can write for documents, etc. Thanks, hope to hear from you guys down the road. By the way, the photo is of a younger Giovanni Ciccolella playing his favorite instrument.

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