Monday, October 15, 2007

Lamonica or Lamonaca

Hello again. I found an interesting document, it is the Immigration paper for one Michael Lamonica. For those not sure, this is the father of Christina Lamonica. To me this was an extremely important find. I do not know much of my great grandfather. The document is from the early 1930's, Christina was 4. Anyway, I have digital copies and can make them available for anyone who wishes to have a copy.

In addition, I found a memo dated 1969 where Christina Ciccollela wrote her home town in Italy for a copy of her birth certificate. In the memo, they strong state that her name is Christina Maria Lamonaca. No I in the spelling. This is very interesting, as I was planning to research the name. The family hails from Forenza, Italy. This is the Potenza province. In fact, I have seen it spelled as LaMonaca as well.

Also, I found some information that Michael Lamonica was a superior shooter in the Italian army. He was an expert and very well respected for his abilities. Pretty cool, huh!

I will continue to upload photos and notes and news as I get them. Please send me some email address of those that might like to keep up with this. Best Wishes!

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