Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where to Start

Oh, where do I start. Currently, I am sitting at the Baltimore airport waiting to catch a plane to Pittsburgh, headed home to see the folks. I was killing some time and decided to start a Blog for the family members on my mother's side. Recently I have enjoyed going back to trace family history. I joined the web site. I have found some really neat things on both my mother's side (Ciccolella) and on my father's side (Bennett). I am going to begin posting some notes and news regarding the Ciccolella side of the family and soon will invite other family members to join in. I encourage your participation. rememebr I am stuck way down south in Mississippi and I miss getting together and seeing family. Don't get me wrong, I love the south and Mississippi has been great, however, we have a very strong family with some great characters. It is time we bring a little technology and communication to the group. I am sure many of you email each other and I plan to do the same. However, I hope you particiapte. I look forward to updating the Blog now and then.